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Overall skiing:

Travel statements from State department:

1. Santiago.
2. Portillo: Aug 9, 10, 11
3. Arpa: Aug 12

Start south, driving day Aug 13.

4. Halfway point between Santiago and Osorno-Bariloche Pucon Area.
Maybe - Aug 14.

5. Drive to Osorno 10 hours.
Ski: - Aug 15-16 - 1 full day. Aug 14-15

6. Bariloche: - Aug 17-18 - 1 full day. Aug 17-18

4. Drive a long way to Bariloche AUG 13-14
5. Ski with in Bariloche Aug 15-16

6. Drive to Pucon on AUG 16 night:
ski with Aug 17-18

Overnight at airport booked.
7. Flight south AUG 20; 6AM BOOKED: Punta Arenas, since Aug 19: -> 20, 21, 22, 23 - 4 full days.

AUG 20. Drive to Torres del Paine.
Mirador Cuernos, Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena, Chile
Night at Puerto Natales

Aug 21.
Drive to El Calafate - 4 hours. See the glaciers
Night at El Calafate

Aug 22
Drive to Ushuaia - 10 hours.
Stay in Ushuaia

Aug 23
Drive to Puerto Natales? - 10 hours.

Flight north AUG 24; 6PM
Overnight at airport booked.
8. Flight north AUG 25; 10AM BOOKED: Arica, since Aug 24: -> 25, 26, 27, 28 - 4 full days.

AUG 25: Drive to Parque Nacional Lauca
'Cotacotani Lake' and 'Chungará Lake' visit

AUG 26: Drive through and see Parque Nacional Volcán Isluga.
Night at Calama

AUG 27: Drive to San Pedro de Atacama
Explorer night sky and high altitude roads.

AUG 28: Around San Pedro de Atacama.
Night at Iquique

AUG 29: Drive to Arica airport: 10 hours.

9. Flight back home AUG 29; 3PM to SCL; 11PM to NYC
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